Bulk Liquid Foods

Bulk Liquid Foods

Circuit Logistics have the technical knowledge and experience you need when it comes to liquid logistics. Our growing international network of agents and logistics partners is what sets us apart from the pack. Whether it’s by rail, land or sea, Circuit Logistics can move your food-grade bulk liquids smoothly and efficiently.

Get the best technical assistance & experience with your liquid logistics

With over a decade of experience in the liquid logistics industry, our experienced team bring superior technical knowledge to any project when it comes to moving your product. It’s not just wines and oils, but any liquid that is food grade, as well as hazardous and non-hazardous liquids. Common food-grade liquids include vegetable oils, juices, syrups, alcohol and ethanol.

Choose the experts in ISO Tanks & Flexitanks for your bulk liquids

All ISO tanks are tested under strict ISO standards by third parties and we adhere to strict health and safety guidelines and Materials Safety Data Specifications sheets (or MSDS) for all our liquid logistics. We add value to our customers’ businesses through striving for excellence, providing the best experience we can, through bespoke tank logistics. We use Flexitanks and ISO tanks for the transportation of food-grade liquids.

Cost-effective, smooth and safe bulk liquid food logistics

Customers choose us because we offer a cost-effective, safe solution for their liquids. Coupled with our technical expertise and international network, partnering with us is an easy decision.